Monday, August 22, 2016

Summer Trend: OTS Tops

Happy Sunday Everyone! So I have to let you guys know that this was my last "free" weekend before starting school next week. I will begin my intense two semesters before taking the MSW exam and becoming a certified social worker. This means that I will work part-time, do a field placement, go to school and blog. I hope that everyone can bare with me. I am very excited and nervous at the same time but I will get through this. 

Anywho, back to my fashion world *flips hair" haha I am so excited regarding my collaboration with Dezzal . I had to jump on the fashion trending wagon and choose this off the shoulder blue top. I see off the shoulders everywhere I go and for some reason I just never felt like purchasing one. Therefore, when I saw this top I thought why not give it a try and TA-DA it ended up looking amazing on me. The top is true to size and it fits very well.   The hint of ruffles on the bottom combined with the bell sleeves give it that touch of girlyness that's needed on the shirt. The blue stripes over the white allows me to play around with the shirt and pick it p a bit up or leave it down. 

September is approaching and so is fall. Therefore, we still have time to rock with some off the shoulder tops. The links are all linked to the shirt and all of the them are under $50. Click it and buy it before the summer ends. Every girl should own at least one off the shoulder top. xo 

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Photography By: Mani Andreone

Sharing Some More Off The Shoulder Options: All under $50


Thursday, August 11, 2016

July: Project Re-Design

Hi fashion lovers! I am so excited to announce another project-redesign that I worked on with my fellow blogger friend Chelsea H. from So Chelsea had this idea of doing something with a denim skirt and of course I thought that this idea was amazing because denim is so in right now. We tried on a bunch of items from HM. I really liked this denim skirt idea so we both decided to purchase this item hm skirt. At first I really thought that this was a challenge for me. I had no idea what I would be able to do with it.
So I started to think really hard and told myself "Why not make a denim bag out of it". I already knew how to create a tote bag from a shirt so I did the same thing when I decided to create this denim bag. So much cutting and sewing took place but it was all worth it. I had an old casual vintage bag from the past so I cut out the straps in order to sew it into this new denim bag. I feel like too much designing or colors would have looked tacky on the bag so I decided to leave it clean. On the other hand, Chelsea loved this skirt so much that she wasn't able to do cut it up. I respect her decision a lot because I thought twice about cutting this skirt up. It was difficult to do it but I felt like I had to because I had to be committed to my project. Something else that's really trending now are button pins and that's what Chelsea to give her skirt a little chic taste. 
It was great shooting this look together with Chelsea because she decided to keep it simplistic and I, on the other hand turned the skirt into a very dramatic change. So to be able to view both skirts from different angles was a good style to the project.

Photography Done By: Mani Andreone

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Never Late because of Jord Wood Watch

 Hello everyone, happy Tuesday! I am so excited to speak about this amazing and unique wood watch. I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve never thought about purchasing a ‘women’s wood watch’ before. I feel like us girls, all we think about is fancy stuff that’s either gold or silver. However, this wrist watch is seriously one of a kind. Even if you find yourself not wanting a luxurious wood watch it is a great unusual, unique and cool gift for someone special. I decided to pair my cora wood watch with an all white overall because the burgundy color stood out very well. I would recommend for people to purchase this watch because it’s not something you see on your day to day basis. You want someone to stop you and give you a compliment on the watch not say “oh, I have the same one”. Feel free to leave your thoughts on my beautiful cora wood watch.

Purchase your own wood watch on this direct link:

Photographed By: Gillian Del Zoto 

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