Wednesday, March 22, 2017

@Zara Collaboration

Every once in a while I participate in certain collaborations with other bloggers and this one has been one of my favorite ones. We purchase one clothing item and style it based on our own style. On that note people are able to see that the shirt could get styled in more than one way. While speaking about what item to purchase we decided to choose this beautiful v-neck frilled Zara  blouse. When you first take a look at this top, you would assume that it leads more toward the professional attire but that's definitely not true. Please, feel free to take a look at the different ways each of us styled our own piece.  
I was lucky enough to be in Miami during this collaboration. Therefore, I wanted to incorporate a more summer and fun look by wearing some white fishnet socks as well as shorts. Yes, yes, yes we all know that fishnets have been in lately but I don't see a lot of people wearing white ones so I thought that I should go for it and I can't lie I really liked the look. Even though this post is about the blouse from Zara, I can't let this gorgeous pearl beads statement bag pass by! It is a perfect size and you can fit any small necessities that a girl needs on the go. I hope that you all enjoy our looks.



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