Thursday, August 11, 2016

July: Project Re-Design

Hi fashion lovers! I am so excited to announce another project-redesign that I worked on with my fellow blogger friend Chelsea H. from So Chelsea had this idea of doing something with a denim skirt and of course I thought that this idea was amazing because denim is so in right now. We tried on a bunch of items from HM. I really liked this denim skirt idea so we both decided to purchase this item hm skirt. At first I really thought that this was a challenge for me. I had no idea what I would be able to do with it.
So I started to think really hard and told myself "Why not make a denim bag out of it". I already knew how to create a tote bag from a shirt so I did the same thing when I decided to create this denim bag. So much cutting and sewing took place but it was all worth it. I had an old casual vintage bag from the past so I cut out the straps in order to sew it into this new denim bag. I feel like too much designing or colors would have looked tacky on the bag so I decided to leave it clean. On the other hand, Chelsea loved this skirt so much that she wasn't able to do cut it up. I respect her decision a lot because I thought twice about cutting this skirt up. It was difficult to do it but I felt like I had to because I had to be committed to my project. Something else that's really trending now are button pins and that's what Chelsea to give her skirt a little chic taste. 
It was great shooting this look together with Chelsea because she decided to keep it simplistic and I, on the other hand turned the skirt into a very dramatic change. So to be able to view both skirts from different angles was a good style to the project.

Photography Done By: Mani Andreone

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  1. Your bag is so cute I'm in love with the pockets on that bag thinking of how great my cellphone would fit in there <33


  2. Well done Selma. You guys rocked the H&M skirt both ways. So fun!
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